SUNDAY 27 February 2022

Classic Fashion & Beauty Lighting: Masterclass
The Coach House Studio, Farningham, Kent

In Conjunction with
The Royal Photographic Society

Limited to 6 Photographers
Savra In Costume Savra In Costume

In this workshop I will be covering a variety of different lighting styles.

I shall be showing you how use lighting to create mood and atmosphere that suits the different sets that this unique studio offers

To do this I will be using a variety of light modifiers and coloured gels to emphasize the atmosphere of each set!

Each photographer will be able to work on a one to one basis with the models and I will be on hand to help you and give advice!

I recommended that you have a DSLR Camera and a 24mm to 105mm zoom lens or Prime Lenses.

For More Information about The Coach House Studio: The Coach House Studio

For Further Information and Booking Enquiries Contact: The RPS